Afghanistan is all over worried

May 26, 2014 - 02:13:31 | Mohamed Sajid
Afghanistan coach said that they will have negative impact due to the bus accident. (MS Photo: Shimaaz Ali)

Male', MALDIVES - Afghanistan Coach has revealed that the injuries to his players due to the motorcade accident will have a negative impact on his team when they face Palestine in the semifinal of the AFC Challenge Cup 2014.

Mohammad Kargar said that as of now he can assure one player will miss the semifinal due to injury and another 4 players condition can be assured after today's training session.

"(Amongst the injured players) One player is out from the semifinal, 4 players will participate in practice today but we will know later whether we can use them in tomorrow's game"

But later in the prematch news conference Karagr said that 3 players will miss the semifinal match due to injury caused in the accident.

"it will effect our team, we have to use bench players to replace them and it will be difficult to play our normal game"

SAFF Championship winning Coach was not happy with the arrangement of the tournament and "called up AFC not to organize these level of tournament in a country where football cannot be played".

Kargar mainly complained about the transportation and noted that his team lack the chance of playing a match in National Stadium prior to the semifinal of the tournament.

Afghan captain Amiri in today's press conference. (MS Photo: Shimaaz Ali)Afghan captain Amiri in today's press conference. (MS Photo: Shimaaz Ali)

Afghanistan Captain Haaroon said that the accident was a big shock for the team but they don't think about it now and their full concentration is for tomorrow's game.

"It was a big shock for us, it will be difficult to be back to normal in 2 days, but we don't think about the accident now and we concentrate to the semifinal match now"

Afghanistan had met Palestine in the last World Cup Qualification round and first match ended in a 1- 1 draw while later Afghanistan lost their second leg 2 - 0 to Palestine. Skipper Haroon said that scenario is changed now compare to then and he hope that Afghanistan will win tomorrow's game.

"Palestine is a good team, we played in last World Cup Qualification and scored a goal against them, and they have new payers and improved, but we will try to play our normal game and hope we can win the game"



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Imma on May 26
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Why were the teams not kept in Gan? That way, they would not have had to travel by speedboat to the stadium. The government is too keen on showing off Herethere resort. But guess what? Footballers don't care about how beautiful this country is. They jut want quick and easy access to the stadium. Also, many of these European footballers are giant pussies, so sea travel is a big no no. Very poor planning, in my opinion.
Ahan on May 26
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I believe transportation is the actual problem. We all know how terrible it is in Maldives, specially in the atolls. The group A teams also have to cross the sea, but they did not complain. We too had rainy windy days in Male too, for them also the sea would be rough. So the only explanation is that the group A teams got a better transportation!!!
Global on May 26
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With all due respect Coach Mohammed Kagar, we feel sorry for the accident.. But If I'm not wrong, accidents do happen in the world's most prestigious tournament, The FIFA World Cup too. For example, the famous food poison accident in France 1998. Does it mean that France is a country where football cannot be played? I don't think so. And I totally agree with you with the fact that travelling by speed boats at sea will be difficult for you guys. But you have understand that almost 80 % of the Maldives is Sea. And the tournament was announced and awarded a year ago. Why didn't you guys complained then to AFC? And do correct me if I'm wrong, but I found out that organizing standards of the tournaments held in other countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc was not even close to this tournament. For instance the Motorcade provided to the teams was followed by only two Police Bikes and thats it. And don't even ask about the Accommodation..
Footballmad on May 26
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If new countries like the Maldives don't get the opportunity or are not offered the opportunity, only a few countries will have have the privilege in the world. I'm sure the Afghan people would like to host a football one day, and they should be given the opportunity when the situation there gets better. I think we have done extremely well in terms of the organisation, given the limited resources we have and we are proud of what we have achieved. We aim t have another tournament and do even better, having learnt the lessons form any mistakes we have mad. there's no turning back! Hope you enjoy the est of the stay and all the best in your semi-finals.
True Beauty on May 27
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Smell like lack of confidence and making excuses prior to semi-final.our team played in Nepal mount Everest ,with bleeding noses.But we cannot complaint to played soccer in Similar environment and climate like average 2 mtr sea level.Thts unique feature of tht particular country.we have to adopt with the changing envrnmt.its part of the this beautiful Game.In fact Maldives 99% is sea.So sea transportation is quite understood.We have seen the same coach in last yr and his temper.AFC need to consider the level of coaches and their mentality before giving chances to team.