Assad and Tom retired from national team

Feb 15, 2013 - 02:31:20 | Ameen Faisal
Assad and Thoriq retires from National team, They were awarded a golden plaque for their service to National team

Male’, MALDIVES – Former National team captain Assad Abdul Gani, and striker Ahmed Thariq (Tom) has officially retired from the National Team. Both the players enjoyed their last game in the National outfit, this evening against Pakistan.

Assad 37, has played more than 89 games for the national team and scored 2 goals while, 31 year old Tom has played nearly 37 games for the nation and has scored 16 goals.

Both players were in the starting line up this evening against Pakistan and were substituted in the early minutes with a standing ovation from the home fans. They were later awarded a "golden plaque" by Football Association of Maldives as recognition of their contribution to the National Team in the last decade.

Even though both role models have retired from International football, both of them affirmed that they will still be in action at club level.



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imran on Feb 15
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Its time even oppo retire from national team too. umair has become really good for oppo's position as a free roled player.and i also think, ali umar deserve to be retired fromthe natinal team in the same way as tom and assad. because before ashfaq, he was the golden boy of the maldives.
Itx me on Feb 15
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Why fam is promoting some players ?. Why they dont give other players chance to retire officially
shifah on Feb 15
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national team most of the time plays only for tornaments and we rarely get chances to play friendly games. its not like a piece of cake to arrange friendly games my friend. we even got this match because pakistan were getting ready for a tournament and they wanted this match. i can get your point and i agree with "imran"'s comment too. but its not wise to point fingers at the football asosiation. for your info, thoriq is newradiant's chairperson which is the team who was mostly opposing ilhams presidency.
Ahan on Feb 15
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Happy to hear them horned, they surely deserves this. But since knowing Assad has 89 games for NT, i just wished him to reach at least 100 before retiring. At this age it would be difficult to give 11 games for him but if he was determined for 100 appearances, then he might have achieved that.
minority on Feb 15
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assad abdul ghanee will make a great leader after football career, but i hope he doesnt go for political party or go for a seat in parliament. he would make a great FAM president. in which no one would talk bad about him or doubt his intentions and we are sure that he wont have any motives other than the good of the football.
majority on Feb 15
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Yeah, Assad for FAM presidency, TOM for Vice President.... then GS for the next person who is given the golden plaque, the next player to become the head of competition......etc... so that the entire national team will be elected for the FAM posts!!! Nice
trapezium on Feb 15
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For me the ceremony was a bit farcial. Simply because the two players were given a few minutes each on the pitch. It would have been better had they been given more time on the pitch...