Bangsbo to identify the condition of Maldives football

Aug 18, 2016 - 03:36:53 | Shimaaz Ali
Jens Bangsbo will visit Maldives later this month. (Photo: Getty Images)

Male’, MALDIVES – Football Association of Maldives has said that Professor Jens Bangsbo will visit Maldives later this month to analyse games against Bangladesh and Laos and to identify the condition of Maldives football.

"We are aiming to get experts opinion and instruction to identify the problems and lay a solid foundation to take Dhivehi football to the next level" FAM president Ahmed Thariq said.

Copenhagen University professor Jens Bangsbo is also the inventor of famouse YoYo test program. He has also worked with Nike for boot test program.

A UEFA, AFC and FIFA approved instructor Prof. Bangsbo is also a member of Sports and Science steering committee and author of number of football journals and books.



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Boyko on Aug 18
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Good that FAM has finally realised the inevitable importance of expert advice into the mire the national sport is in. Hope the recommendations he offers get implemented, both tangible and intangible in the time framework. Previous Technical directors of football and coaches do not seem to have been listened to, their plan of action adhered to, if so our football will not have come to such a pass where it would resemble like you are playing behind closed doors, even if you take into account the things which are out of control of FAM like the huge change in political landscape and the mass proliferation of social media and technology into our lives! It can happen only when responsible authorities at various levels let their guard down and let football rot on its own device!
Imma on Aug 19
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If I recall correctly, we had a South Korean Technical Director after the 2008 SAFF Championship victory, who was appointed with the purpose of taking our football to the next level. He was realistic in his approach and compiled a framework to increase the quality of our football so that we could easily compete against the South-East Asian nations like Malaysia, Indonesia etc. However, his framework also consisted of a lot of work that needed to be done by a lot of people in lofty positions at FAM, who had no desire to work too hard. They were content to sit their and take their exorbitant wages home every month while bringing youth tournaments to a complete standstill. I really hope this time people involved in football are committed to their jobs.