I am a players coach says Stewat

Aug 16, 2016 - 03:40:24 | Shimaaz Ali
Darren Stewart, new head coach of Maldives national football team. (MS Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

Male’, MALDIVES – Newly appointed head coach of Maldives, Darren Stewart has said that he is a players coach and he is always going to help them.

“I look at the players and I don’t care he is 38 or 18 years, if they are performing I will select them. My philosophy is that I am a players coach and I am always going to help them.” Stewart said in his first press conference as the head coach of the Maldives football team.

When asked about the time frame ahead of the AFC Asian Cup qualifier against Laos he said that he is aware of the situation.

“I was made aware of the situation by Mohan and Mohamed Kaleem well before I plan to come here. I knew the time frame I had and I believe in my ability to face it.”

“My first one is to getting through the Laos game and I understand the importance of these two games for the Maldives football community and that’s the first target.”

Steward also reiterated that it’s a great opportunity for him to work with the Maldives team.

“Its great to give me the opportunity to work here and this is my first national job and very gratified and I hope that I will pay the faith that the FAM putting me. Surely this is a great opportunity to take the both ends.”

Darren Steward during today's press conference. (MS Photo: Ibrahim Faid)Darren Steward during today's press conference. (MS Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

Australian born Stewart said that he is very impressed with the level of Maldives football and the players.

“I have seen quite few games and very impressed with the technique and the individual talent of the players and I am looking forward to work with the boys very much.”

“I want to make the Maldives team a very tough team to be and I don’t mean that I am going to knock just people but if we get the spirit, the hard work, discipline and all the basic ingredients in our area. There is plenty of natural talent here to win us the football games.” Steward added.

“I have been in this region for the last 27 years as a player and also as a coach and definitely it was a big plus for me.”

I don’t like put the word “pressure” into my football vocabulary and it’s a standard with football. Any football coach in any club or international that comes with the territory and regarding the previous coaches its not good for me to comment. I want to look forward to the new direction with the guys spoke with me.”

This is the first time that the Australian tactician is going to manage a senior national team in his coaching career.



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Daniel on Aug 17
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hey man,where they fine you,talent like you,.and your experience,skill,maybe you can take Maldives to FIFA WORLD CUP,.we will wait for your hope,.
Boyko on Aug 17
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Few areas of concern the new coach might to have to dwell on. Fitness of many of the players is not good enough owing to less demand of the league, so in a tournament like SAFF championship, their stamina decides the outcome of the match rather than anything else. Bakaa needs to be reinstated to his rightful place in the defensive midfield position injury and form permitting! A call has to be made on Imran goal-keeping. Whether it is age-related or not, he is making too many elementary mistakes. Against valencia his howler cost them a possible 3 points. Last but not the least, defence has to be sorted out. It's not well drilled and lack leadership.
Bernie Gilman on Aug 17
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I have known Darren Stewart for many years and he is a fantastic coach and a man the team will be able to totally rely upon. He is honest, hard-working and knows talent when he sees it. Good luck Darren and Maldives - he is a top man!
football fan on Aug 17
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Hope our football will go another step with new couch.
Kareen on Aug 18
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Impressed with the level of football here? Did he get sunburned?
U Ye Ye Naing on Aug 18
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This is an impossible job. Having about 8 preparation days and sticking a meaningless match.... to honour the 2008 national team and coach of that time... is not ideal preparation. There is a time to honour the legends of 2008...but not in this window, please. Maldives Football....and i mean administrators including the Govt, technicians, fans, the media, the players.... must have a serious look at themselves and ask if they are creating a work conducive environment for the players and coaches to deliver what the administrators, fans and media are expecting. Having said that, i am convinced that this coach will take the team to the next stage of the competition. Because he has the guts, the heart to take this job. Because he has a group of talented players and he knows how to get them to play to their maximum potential. And i say this because i have followed from afar his exploits in the playing and coaching arena for over a decade. Best of Luck Darren Stewart and the players. And to the friends in the media, the least you can do is to get your national coach's name spelt right.
Dawood Anuar on Aug 19
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Knowing Darren for 15years shows that he is the best when it comes to man management . Every club that he ever coached for in Singapore , every single player wants to play for him as he knows how to get the best out of them. On the field he is a great tactican and off the field he is a good friends with all the players. The Maldives National team is very lucky to have a great coach with them. Wish you all the best Dazza