I feel sorry says Urbanyi

Sep 09, 2013 - 10:15:56 | Shimaz Ali and Mohamed Firash
Maldives coach Istvan Urbanyi speaking at the press conference after the match. (MS photo: Shimaaz Ali)

Kathmandu, NEPAL - Disappointed Maldives coach, Istavan Urbanyi has said he feels sorry for what happened against India and he wants to thank the supporters and players despite the losing against rivals India in the semifinal.

“I feel so sorry about what had just happened tonight"

“I just want to thank the supporters for the players for this tournament. I think we made it memorable and we had lot of good moments but the last one is a sad one”

Urbanyi praised for the performance of the players. He added that he did everything to win the tournament.

“I don’t want to say we did our best, but we did everything to win this game and the players had a hard work tonight and they deserve more than this. So generally speaking I feel sorry about them very much”

Speaking to media about the late changes he brought, he said that he waited for extra time.

“First of all, if the result is zero zero, we have extra time. So you have to think about the extra time as well. And before that there is no need to do the changes. I was waiting for the extra time. My plan was to make substitutions when the extra time comes. Because there wasn’t any player who should be substituted”

He also said that Indian played to kill them and lots of crucial tackles were conceded by his players.

“Let’s not start with the penalty, let’s start generally. India just tried to kill us in the first 40 minutes. It was a very bad tackle against Imran right at the beginning, that guy even didn’t watch the ball. They wanted to hurt which is a provocation. Every single time after 2-3 seconds they just made a tackle. And in the end Sentey (Ali FAsir) got a yellow card for nothing.”

Speaking about the controversial decision while keeper brought down Ashfaq inside the box, he said it was none other than a penalty.

“It’s a penalty, I don’t care about anything it’s a penalty. If you watched the game live it’s a penalty. Ashfaq got the ball at the right time, he touched the ball at the right time and the goalkeeper just came and he wanted to stop him. So the contact doesn’t have to be a huge one, it doesn’t have to break Ashfaq legs, if it’s just there and he doesn’t let him go through the normal way it’s a foul. Which is called penalty”

He expressed disappointment over the reaction from the local officials of the game after the game.

“That’s ridiculous, how come someone as touching me pushing me or even just talking to me. I felt very sorry about it. I don’t know what to say I don’t know who that was”

He said that the turning point of the match could be the controversial penalty issue.

“Yeah definitely, You know the thing is mentally it can be a turning point, but if you play against India who has focused to set pieces and corners it can happen, it can make a one positioning mistake. We had a plan, we practiced and it worked. They didn’t created anything except that moment. So the good thing is that the team has courage to come back after that. So even three minutes left we had two good chances”

This is the third time that Maldives failed to win the SAFF Championship under Urbanyi.



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Ahan on Sep 09
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To be frank i do not want to sack this coach and bring a new one. But that does not mean he should not be blamed for this loss. Rightfully he should be. In this game i think the DM (Niya and Baka) failed to deliver. I mean grab that balls from Defense and pass it to Umair or run littlle bit forward and directly to Dhagey. But unfortunately this did not happen. Our DMs were slow and VERY VERY resistant to come forward to get the ball. I guess this led the "passing game" plan to collapse. We can clearly see that when DMs came for the ball but immediately they pass it back to defense. Our DMs should be capable of holding the ball or at least turn their face forward and have a look at the field. Yes India was prepared and they packed the midfield area and they made it very had to play through passes. But god damn what else to expect?? hmm, we have scored 18 goals!!! they are not blind idiots, they will surely do that if they are gonna stop Dhagey.
footballmad on Sep 10
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Ahan, I agree , Baka is great as a defensive mid player against, much bigger teams like Iran and other big Asian countries. He's not the most adventurous creative player we have. The other thing is, I think our defenders see Ashfaq too early, in big matches and they don't trust the midfielders enough. Patient build up is what we need to practice. The question is, are there creative play makers in our country? Regarding the match India played a cup final type physical match. That's how critical matches should be played. Perhaps, we need a physical side to win against India. Good that most new radiant players have avoided injuries for their upcoming big matches. One important to note, we need to learn to accept the results of matches, whatever it is, otherwise, we'll never be good enough to play in big tournaments.
footballmad on Sep 10
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I just want to say after this match we love our team, the coach an the staff even more. We'll never leave you on your own, always with you. After some rest, we'll get back to training for the next tournament
man on Sep 10
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inda always win by giving bribes to the refree "refree is the 12th player of India NOT SUPPORTERS ". They defeated Afaganistan in 2011 SAFF Championship Final by giving bribes to the refree. They did awaful serios tackles to Afganistan players. There is no other way India can defeat Maldives or Afaganistan. believe it INDIA !!!!! this is the truth!!
wake up on Sep 10
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this is what happen when a national team try to promote a club.
Ahan on Sep 10
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And guys; the next big question. What do to next? I mean Challenge Cup 2014. Fire this coach??? Build a more physical team??? Arrange (not talk) serious/good friendlies??? Widen the team selection by spreading DDL across Maldives???