It wasn't our day says Saanthi

Sep 23, 2012 - 06:53:14 | Ameen Faisal
Umair celebrates with his team mates after scoring in the match played last night (MSPhoto: Abdullah Abeedh)

Male’, MALDIVES – Club Eagles Coach Ihsan Abdul Gani (Saanthi) showed his disappointment over the poor result against Victory saying that he never expected such a huge goal difference. Eagles is yet to win a game of the third and final round of the Dhiraagu Dhivehi League having lost 5-0 on last night against Victory Sports Club.

Speaking to the media after the game, Saanthi said that its wasn’t his sides’ day.

“I never expected such a huge goal difference”.

“We wanted either a point or three, but they played better than us. We couldn’t manage to do what we wanted”.

Despite two consecutive losses in the league, Saanthi still believes that his side can reach the target of being at the top four.

“As long as VB don’t win a game, we are safe”.

“Chances are still out there for us as only a difference of three points is between us and VB Addu FC”.

Both VB Addu FC and Eagles has now aimed for the top four, as the best four teams will qualify for the Presidents Cup. Eagles is placed fifth with 18 points from 16 games while VB is in fourth with 21 points from 16 games.

Victory’s Head Coach Ali Suzain said that the huge goal difference was the result of pressure-free game for his side

“There was no pressure for us but there was a huge pressure for Eagles to be among the top four”.

“So it was easy for us to play in this situation”.

“In general, the whole team performed well”.



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dawoodmohamedahemed on Sep 23
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yOU are a respected coach n pls do not say that VB will not win.Do not count yr chickens before they are hatched.even though VB had to play with NRSC or Ayl they might win a game. Just they are loosers this tournment u cant predict. Every year VB cant win the leauge.Football is round. Congrats VB and Eagles.