Looking for a positive start says Darren

Aug 31, 2016 - 05:37:35 | Shimaaz Ali
Maldives coach Darren Stewart during the press conference. (MS Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

Male’, MALDIVES – Maldives national team coach Darren Stewart has said that he is looking for a positive start with the Maldives national team. Maldives will play against Bangladesh tomorrow in a friendly match and it was the first official match under Darren Stewart.

“Tomorrow’s game against Bangladesh is a friendly match in preparation for the AFC Asian Cup Qualifier against Laos. But I want to start with a positive result. I can see the hard work and the commitment from the players during the practices.” Darren said in the press conference held today.

“I want the hard work and dedication from the players during tomorrow’s game. And if I cannot see that from them I won’t be happy even if we wins the game.”

He also reiterated that he didn’t know much about Bangladesh football and his main focus is to prepare the Maldives team.

“I didn’t know much about Bangladesh and my focus is to prepare the Maldives team. I didn’t concentrate about the game plans of the opponent team. What matters for me is to prepare my team to win.” Australian tactician said.

Bangladesh coach Tom Seinfiet speaking to the media today. (MS Photo: Ibrahim Faid)Bangladesh coach Tom Seinfiet speaking to the media today. (MS Photo: Ibrahim Faid)

On the other hand Bangladesh coach Tom Saintfiet said that Maldives is much better than Bangladesh and even if they managed to get a draw against the hosts it will be a good result for them.

“Maldives is the favourite and they have improved a lot during the past couple of years. After the goalless draw against South Korea the image of Maldives football has changed.”

“I am trying to change the Bangladesh football and their recent results was not good for sure. We must change that to get sponsors and fans to take it to the next stage.” Said the Belgium born coach.

Tom also said that Maldives players are much better than Bangladesh players technically but we can take advantage.

”Maldives players are much better technically but I am sure there are some areas that we can take advantage. Our main problem is scoring goals but I know Maldives striking force is very good and no doubt about the quality of Ashfaq.”

Maldives played against Bangladesh in last year’s SAFF Suzuki Cup, which was won by Maldives by 3-1.



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Mohamed sharin on Aug 31
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This time Maldives we can win again Maldives 4-0 Bangladash come one
Reality on Aug 31
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Humble and realistic answers from bangladesh coach! It's the kind of reverse psycology maldives can easily fall for, and bangladesh can take advantage of.
footballmd on Aug 31
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We hope for a win but I don't believe we are much better than Bangladesh.