Mahloof as new manager of national team

Nov 17, 2013 - 11:33:18 | Shimaz Ali
Ahmed Mahloof appointed as the new manager of national team.

Male’, MALDIVES – Football Association of Maldives has confirmed to that MP of Galolhu Dhekunu constituency Ahmed Mahloof has been appointed as the new manager of National team.

An official of FAM said to that Mahloof has been appointed as the new manager of national team and they will hold a press conference later today.

“We have finalized to appoint Mahloof as the new manager of national team. And we will announce it later today.”

Mahloof, who has played for Under 16, 19 and 23 national team. He has also played for New Radiant and Valencia in the past, has left the football fields in later 2002 and he has been actively involved in politics.

He was elected to parliament in 2009.



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Haan on Nov 17
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Congrats Mahey...
iburey on Nov 17
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hope he doesn't involve Politics with Football. Best of luck to him a nd the team
Imma on Nov 17
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Why do we never give people full-time coaching positions at the national team? I remember when Ali Waheed was appointed in 2011, people were talking about how politicians should go nowhere near the national team. Same goes for Mahloof. This is the problem with having politicians running the FAM. It's not about football anymore, it's having people of the same political party showcasing their might and power to the rest of the country, while they take their salaries home without doing anything.
mo on Nov 18
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Well mahloof has proved that he has been in the dusty and muddy pitches..whatever you may call it he surely has a really golden opportunity to avenge his critics..lets see how well he handles the players and the team..maybe its a good sign..a young coach and a young manager mighy just do the trick!!!prove ur self mahey ...
Teşekkürler on Nov 18
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Congratulations Mahloof. İt's really sad that the manager of the team is an MP. Isnt there anyone else besides an MP or someone from MNDF who can manage the national side?