Maldives 3 - 0 Sri Lanka: Maldives Under 23 team wins opener

Dec 03, 2012 - 07:40:14 | Hussain Sinan
Adhuham playing in national team colours. He scored two goals for Maldives (MSPhoto: Hussain Sinan)

Male’, MALDIVES – Maldives Under 23 team has won the opening match of the Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa International Football Tournament by 3 - 0.

The opening goal from was scored by Maziya’s striker Asadhullah in the first half. Maldives extended the lead in the second half by Captain Adhuham. He scored the third goal from the penalty spot.

Speaking to Under 23 team manager, Ibrahim Amir (Salsa Amir) said that the team played well.

“The team performed well. They did everything the coach asked them to do in the practices”

“We won against Sri Lanka in their home soil. That’s a big advantage for us to move forward in the tournament”

“The other two teams in the tournament, Pakistan and Bangladesh are teams which we could defeat. So we have a great chance to lift the cup”

Amir also noted that the team had difficulty, as they were new to the pitch.

“We had difficulty in adjusting to the pitch. Other than that we were able to play our normal game”

The matches are played at newly constructed Jayathilake Stadium, Nawalapitiya in Kandy

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa inaugurated the four-nation international football tournament. Maldives captain Adhuham presented a plaque to the president from the Maldives team.

Maldives will play against Pakistan on 5th December 2012 at 1400hrs Sri Lankan time.



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maldivians on Dec 03
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congra. happy to c future national team performing well :)
Peeps on Dec 04
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Congra... best of luck for next match
Nau on Dec 04
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just heard that match will be live on TVM. great
jude perera on Dec 04
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Maldives were luckey as Sri lankans missed as many as 4 very good scoring chances
footballmad on Dec 05
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Well done! This is an important win for the future senior team and hopefully a game-changer in terms of future Maldivian football. Let's complete this important milestone by focussing on the next few matches winning the tournament!