Maziya beats South China

Mar 16, 2016 - 08:35:54 | Shimaaz Ali
Ahmed Rasheed celebrated the goal against South China today. They won the match by 2-1. (Ms photo: Ibrahim Faid)

Male’, MALDIVES - Maziya Sports and Recreation Club won the match against Hong Kong’s South China by 2-1 today with the help from an own goal from Cheung King Fung in the second half in the AFC Cup.

South China played had the better first half and Australian forward Ryan Griffiths and Liang Zichengs shots were blocked by goalkeeper Imran Mohamed.

Philip Chan took the lead for the visitors from a header from Cheung’s corner. Ahmed Imaz’s effort to clear the ball didn’t helped him.

Ahmed Rasheed leveled the game in the 50th minute from a close range shot from a cross from Imaz.

Maziya confirmed the three points from an own goal from Cheung. Imaaz’s cross was too high for Ahmed Nashid but Cheung shot it into his own net.

In the last minute of the normal time Easa missed another good chance to increase the margin.

Maziya’s coach Ali Suzain said after the match that he was not happy with the performance of his team.

“I am not happy with the performance of my team even though we won the game. It was not what we expected from a home game. We know that we can play much better.”

“It was a game that we could have score more goals to decrease the goal difference.” Suzain added.

South China’s coach Rambo said that the first half of the match went very well but things changed n the second half.

“First half went very well for us as we planned but things changed in the second half.”

“We took the lead and defensive mistakes costs the game. I don't know about that incident as in not very close to that but the played protested for a penalty.”



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footballmad on Mar 16
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A good result for Suzeyn and team! This leaves Maziya in a hopeful position going into the Home leg in the next match. My take on the match is that Maziya can do still better if the midfiled is used more in the attacking moves. There needs to be more shots on target rather than trying to dribble your way into the goal. That way, the players conserve more energy too.
Fan on Mar 16
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I don’t get it.. why Suzain is not happy with their effort. What is more valuable than huge three points.
Imma on Mar 17
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Maziya's only problem is that they overplay at the final third. Their attacking players often get in very good positions, but too much dribbling and poor decision making often resulted in lost opportunities. If they rectify this part of their game, they can score a lot more goals, which could become important as the group is very tight and may come down to goal difference at the end.
Offside on Mar 17
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Do they have a player called Asadulla among them? Then expect nothing less the dribbling, overelebrating simple passes.
boyko on Mar 17
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one depressing picture to see when one of the top clubs of the country goes in search of refinement. Unbelievable the club is unable to stir their supporters to life and bring them to the stadium.