New Radiant 0 - 0 Victory: New Radiant beat Victory in penalties

Oct 15, 2012 - 07:45:20 | Mohamed Sajid
President, Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik hands over the President's Cup trophy to New Radiant's captain Thoriq (MSPhoto: Hussain Sinan)

Male', MALDIVES - New Radiant Sports Club lifts President's Cup 2012, beating Victory SC 2 - 1 in the penalty shoot out after a goalless draw in the 120 minutes of play. Fazeel (Oppo) and Niyaz scored for New Radiant SC in the penalty shoot out while Umair scored the only penalty out of 5, for Victory SC.

New Radiant SC created the first attamept of the game. In the second minute of the game Ashfaq headed Ali Umaru cross, but went over the crossbar.

Adhuham made a slight touch on Umair's lower cross from inside the penalty area in the 11th minute, but it went directly to keeper Imran's hand.

Ashfaq missed a golden chance in the 26th minute of the game, Ashfaq matched with Ivan's trough pass and splashed two defenders of Victory SC but his final touch from inside the penalty area went inches away from the far post.

Five minutes in to the second half Akram delivered a dangerous free kick from right flank, it hit the far post and when rebounded back in to play Sinaz got a open chance to score for his team just near the goal line, but his close range header went out.

Oppo curved a beautiful free click from near the penalty area in the 64th minute, but Faisal punched the ball to a corner kick.

In the next minute Faisal produced another vital save on Thariq's header from close range.

Victory SC midfielder Kaka was sent off for his straight red card in the 71st minute of the game. Kaka deliberately fouls on Ali Umaru near the center line.

Three minutes later Ashfaq penetrated Victory defense line and tried with a shot inside the penalty area, but it went out from near the post.

Sinaz headed Akram's free kick from inside the penalty area in the 76th minute, it went direct in to Imran's hand.

Ninety minutes of play ended in a goalless draw, and drag in to extra time of play.

Ninety ninth Ninety ninth minute of the game Ali Umaru tried with a powerful long range shot from edge of the penalty area, but Faisal made a stunning shot to save the ball.

In the 104th minute, Niyaz's defensive header for Akram's corner kick reflected towards his own goal. Ball bounced back to play after hitting the crossbar.

In the other end Oppo was unlucky to put his free volley in to goal from Ali Umar's free kick. His shot was took much elevated.

Substitute Muan's shot in a counter attack curved in to target but Faisal input a good save to deny the attempt.

In the dying minutes of the game Shifan (Kudattey) was sent off for his dangerous foul on Muan.

Match went in to penalty shoot out after a goalless draw in 120 minutes of play.

Penalty shoot out: New Radiant SC vs Victory SC;

Akram (Victory SC), saved by Imran 0 - 0

Oppo (New Radian SC), scored 1 - 0

Umair (Victory SC), scored 1 - 1

Kudus (New Radian SC) missed over the crossbar 1 - 1

Shafiu (Victory SC), missed, hit the post 1 - 1

Ahmed Abdullah (New Radiant SC), missed, saved by Faisal 1 - 1

Fasir (Victory SC), missed, over the crossbar 1 - 1

Niyaz (New Radiant SC), scored 2 - 1

Rilwan (Victory SC), missed over the crossbar 2 - 1



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