New Radiant 2 - 1 Victory: New Radiant into finals of President's Cup

Oct 08, 2012 - 08:19:57 | Hussain Sinan
New Radiant players celebrates after goal keeper Imran scored the goal (MSPhoto: Hussain Sinan)

Male’, MALDIVES – New Radiant has confirmed a spot in the final of the President’s Cup after beating Victory by 2 – 1. In regular time, none of the teams could score. New Radiant scored their first goal from the spot and goal keeper Imran doubled the score. Fauzan scored a consolation goal in the 118th minute.

In the 10th minute, Umair’s shot from the left side of the box went across the goal.

Three minutes later, Umair's header from Awilo’s cross, inside the box went out for a goal kick.

In the 27th minute, Adhuham took a good cross from the left side inside the box, but Fasir couldn't shoot properly and Kudas cleared the ball from the box.

In the same minute, Fasir’s shot outside the box goes inches away from the post.

In the 33rd minute, Adhuham got the ball inside the box and his shot hits the cross bar, Fasir got the ball freely inside the six yard box, but his close range shot goes over the bar.

In the 44th minute, Adhuham beats two defenders and he tried to beat the keeper before sending the ball to goal, Imran tackled the ball.

In the 50th minute, Imran caught Fasir's diving header inside the box, Adhuham crossed from the left flank.

In the 59th minute, Fazeel's shot from the left edge of the box goes inches over the bar.

In the 77th minute, Ashfaq's shot inside the box goes over the bar, He beat two defenders and shot.

Two minutes later, Faisal loose the ball while handling Ashfaq's shot, Shafiu cleared the ball for a corner.

In the 90th minute, Extra time will kick off shortly, New Radiant supporters protesting against referees decisions in the match.

New Radiant was awarded a penalty kick in the 100th minute when Shafiu fouled on Naavy inside the box. Ashfaaq scored from the spot.

Two minutes later, Faisal could not hold on to Imran’s kick inside New Radiant’s penalty area. It is believed that it was the first goal by a goal keeper from a kick inside the penalty area.

Victory scored a consolation goal inside the penalty area in the 118th minute. Fauzan scored for Victory from Akram’s cross.



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Hassan on Oct 08
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congratulations to the blues... credit to Victory for the way they played.. what a goal from Imran.. it has to be the goal of the season...
jj on Oct 08
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Goalkeeper Imran’s goal is surely the first of its kind in Maldives. But it has already happened twice in the premier league era of English football. Goalkeeper Tim Howard of Everton on 5th January of this year scored similar goal which bounced few yards in front of Bolton Wanderers keeper (ok the one slight difference it is huge kick from his penalty area for a back pass from one of his own teammates. ) Have a look: ( Paul Robinson of Tottenham on 17th March 2007 scored from a free-kick just outside his own penalty area that bounced over keeper of Watford and into the net. Goalkeeper Pat Jennings of Tottenham, however, in 1967 Charity Shield match scored the same kind of goal scored by Imran. (
Crabman on Oct 09
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I thought everyone knew this.
oneforone on Oct 09
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anyone has a link to imrans goal? please post here.
koyya on Oct 09
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we need a player like adhuham, xaad and bakaa next season after transfering oppo to another club (i am one of the biggest fans of oppo in his career but now, we have to accept the fact that he's not physically upto the AFC cup standard, and also, oppo and baka has personal problems so only one of them plays for a team. and looking at newradiant bakaa would be more important) so that the midfield can be controlled by bakaa, xaad and ivan, and dhagey, tom and umar as strikers