New Radiant wins President's Cup 2013

Oct 23, 2013 - 09:33:04 | Mohamed Sajid
New Radiant players celebrating. They won the match by 4-2. (MS photo: Shimaaz Ali)

Male’-MALDIVES: With a record breaking season New Radiant SC has lifted the most prestigious tournament of the season after beating Maziya in the final of the president’s Cup 2013.

New Radiant who won all their local matches in the 2013 football season played a dominant performance in the game while Maziya fought back hard in their seventh consecutive loss against New Radiant in this season.

Just after the kick off the game, in the 4th minute New Radiant SC was awarded with a penalty as Maziya keeper brought down Ashfaq inside the box while Ashfaq beats him, Referee awards a yellow card for keeper and penalty kick for New Radiant. Umair comfortably converted the spot kick in to the goal to hand early lead.

Fifteen minutes remaining in the first half Assadhulla leveled the game for Maziya. Assadhulla matched with Shiyam’s pass inside the penalty area and chipped the ball while the keeper move forward.

Umair regain the lead for New Radiant in the 64th minute with a powerful shot drilled in to the bottom corner of the goal.

With a blunder from New Radiant goalkeeper Imran Mohamed, Maziya leveled the game in the 70th minute. Rumen's cross inside the box deflected to the goal while Imran tried to punch the ball.

After a 2 -2 draw match went in to extra time. In the 17th minute of the extra time Ashfaq scored an individual goal to hand the historical seal to their successive season.

Before end of the game Hussain Niyaz (Bokury) extended New Radiant’s lead and sealed the 4 – 2 win.



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Win none the less on Oct 23
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Sub par performance by New Radiant but still we won. What a farewell this has been for Dhagey. He will be missed but I wish him the best. May many more of our player follow him to foreign leagues.
eleven on Oct 24
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there is no such thing as break recording, its record-breaking.....
Ahan on Oct 24
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Marhaba Dhagey, Marhaba New. ::: Just one more wish, Please Umair score one more goal, just ONE more!!!! i really want to see another player scoring 30 goals in a season.
janu on Oct 24
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this is the last trophy for the new next year without dhagandey you will not achieive anything, last night also he make the difference, maziya played better than new radiant
dedmau5 on Oct 24
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Dhangandey? JUST DHAGANDEY? Have you seen how Yusif played? How Umair played? Did you even watch the match? (No offence to dhagandey. He is the best player this country has ever seen, and will be for quite some time)
Ibbe555 on Oct 25
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Lets c next year. Did u think only ashfaaq played that night. Who gave the pass to him. Did he get that ball to score from Newradiant penalty area, n runway and scored. Shame on u. New radiant provbed this year without ashfaaq also they can win. Dont talk rubbish things like imma said.