PDRM and Blues to kick off POMIS Cup

Jan 19, 2015 - 04:16:15 |
Ashfaq's PDRM FA will play against New Radiant in their first game of the tournament

Male’, MALDIVES – Malaysia’s Premier League champions PDRM FA and Maldives league champions New Radiant will kick off the People of Maldives Invitational Soccer Cup (POMIS Cup) officially on Thursday night at National Football Stadium.

In the first match of the tournament Maziya will play against Singapore’s Lions Club at 1600 hours but the official opening ceremony of the tournament will be held before the match between New Radiant and PDRM FA.

During the function the chairman of the POMIS Cup committee Ahmed Adheeb said that they have rebranded the President of Maldives Invitational Soccer Cup to the People of Maldives Invitational Soccer Cup.

Dhiraagu Dhivehi League champion New Radiant and FA Cup champion Maziya will represent Maldives and Malaysia’s PDRM FA and Singapore’s Lions Club will be the two foreign teams competing in this tournament.

Ali Ashfaq helped New Radiant win back to back league and President's Cup titles in 2012 and 2013 before he depart to join PDRM FA.

After the draw, Ashfaq tweeted his excitement of facing New Radiant in their first game.



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witness on Jan 19
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Does this govenment have a fatish for rebranding everything that revolves around soccer? Challenge cup was branded Galolhu stadium, now pomis cup becomes people of Maldives cup. What is next? Ashfaq? He becomes National Striker for goal scoring affairs!!?