Pressure on for both sides says Mohan

Sep 12, 2012 - 09:30:15 | Ameen Faisal
Ali Ashfaaq tries to beat the defense line of Eagles in a match early this season (MSPhoto: Hussain Sinan)

Male’, MALDIVES – Head Coach of New Radiant Sports Club, Mohamed Shiyaz (Mohan) says that as it is a knock out match, both the teams had pressure when facing each other this evening at Quarter Finals of FA Cup 2012.

New Radiant will face Club Eagles in the second quarter final match and the winner will go against All Youth Linkage (AYL) in the semifinal. Match will be kicked off at 2100hrs.

Speaking about the game ahead, Mohan said that the pressure of the game is not an issue.

“As it is a knock out match, I know nothing will be easy. But the same pressure is on Eagles as well. So it’s not an issue”.

New Radiant is the only team who haven’t lost a game so far in the season. Despite the good track record, Mohan believes his side is not the strongest.

“The fact is that NRSC is not the strongest as per players. You can see it if you look at the National Squad”.

“It’s our player’s commitment, discipline, attitude and their hard work which has made us stronger”.

Mohan also highlighted the names of striker Ali Ashfaq (Dhagandey) and goalkeeper Imran Mohamed saying that both the players have been performing superb in the season.

“The story of Ashfag and Imran is a never ending story. They’ve been performing superb”.

“And their performance in the recently concluded Nehru Cup is an advantage for us”.

Meanwhile, Club Eagles Coach Ihsan Abdul Ghani (Saanthi) also believes that Ashfag is the main difference between his side and the rivals NRSC.

“Ashfag is the one. He has been outstanding lately. And he’s the main threat for us”.

“We will work hard to stop him, as he is the main advantage for them”.

Ahmed Imaz (Aakko) who has been playing a vital role in the attacking team of Eagles will be absent for the game as he is now at Japan for a training. Saanthi believes the absence of Aako is a huge loss for the team.

“Absence of Aako is a loss for us at the time being”.

“But I know, the chance for him to train at Japan is good for both himself and Maldivian football”.



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