Target is to remain in top flight says Kiss

Jul 24, 2016 - 05:36:28 | Shimaaz Ali
Victory's new coach Lazlo Kiss speaking to the media today. (Photo: Mohamed Sharuhan / Mihaaru)

Male’, MALDIVES – Victory Sports Club’s newly appointed coach Hungarian born Lazlo Kiss has said that his main target for this season is to remain in the top flight.

“I thank Victory for giving me this opportunity. I wouldn’t say that we can win the league this season based on the position of Victory now but if we work together we can move to a higher position. Our target is to be in the first division and if I get the chance to work for Victory next season our target will different.” Kiss said just in the press conference held at Salsa Royal just after his appointment.

“I know the quality of Victory very well and still I can remember a match against Victory in 2005.”

Kiss joined Valencia in 1996 and later on he worked for them twice and later on he has worked for VB Sports Club.

Kiss won the FA Cup in 1999 and Dhivehi League in 2004 with Valencia. He also won the Dhivehi League in 2009 and 2010 with VB Sports Club and won the best coach award in 2008.

Victory’s board member Ibrahim Nazeem said that Kiss is a well know figure in Maldives football.

“Kiss is a famous figure in Maldives football and based on this year’s results we will renew his agreement until 2017.”

“Our target for this season is to be in the top six and we hope that we can achieve that with Kiss.”

New Radiant defender Faruhad Ismail has joined with Victory today and it is believed that Rilwan Waheed will also join with the Reds once he gets the release from New Radiant.

Victory lies on the 7th position of the table with 4 points from 9 games.



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Boyko on Jul 25
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What a dramatic turnaround, a far cry from just a week ago. Actually Victory club at its very best is a must if dhivehi football wants any semblance of its past glory restored. Even if the biggest contributing factor in the declining interest of football can be attached to the turbulent period of maldives recent past, Victory’s absence from the top half of the table was the killer. It really disillusioned many supporters, probably the second biggest fanbase. May be Kiss is the tonic to inject some hope for Victory and the future of maldives football.
މޯޑް on Aug 03
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ވެލެންސިއާ ވީބީގެ ހޯދި ކާމިޔާބެއް ވިކްޓަރީޔަކަށް ތިޔަ ކޯޗަކްށް މިހާރު ތިޔަތިބި ކުޅުންތެރިން ގޮވާގެނެއް ނޮހޯދޭނެ