Very cheap goals says Drago

May 20, 2014 - 01:58:59 | Shimaaz Ali
Fazeel trying to beat Myanmar's defender tonight. Maldives lost the match by 3-2. (MS Photo: Shimaaz Ali)

Male’, MADLIVES – Maldives national team coach Drago Mamic has said that they conceded very cheap goals tonight and that cost the team three points.

“I am very sorry that we concede very cheap goals and that’s why I told you before that one skillful player can change the score and I still believe that we can qualify for the semifinal.”

Drago also said that he has given the instructions to his players to mark some players from Myanmar and somehow they failed.

“I know that Myanmar has very skillful players like number 10 and they must take care and always two players to take him. And you know a player like him will always neutralize two defenders and I cannot tell somebody is guilty and I just want to congratulate Myanmar team and with this I can say they are the favorites in this group.”

“When the referee sent off a player from Myanmar and seemed like our players relaxed and this happens in football and unfortunately it happened to my team.”

When asked about Mohamed Arif he said that he hasn’t participated in the training sessions for a long period due to a personal reason.

“We have one problem I know what you will be asking like why this player is not in the team and so on. I know that Arif is one of the best players in the team but you know he hasn’t been in one training session before this challenge cup. He has been in Sri Lanka with his father and I cannot push him in top eleven to play 90 minutes because he cannot resist this.”

Drago also said people always asked about the starting eleven and he can’t put 20 players on the field at once and he needs to rotate the players.

“You know somebody will speak about Shafiu, Shifan and Andy but in this game all these 20 players are in the first elven for me. May be in the third game we will play with some other players and I told in the press conference that who can rotate the players in the matches will win the tournament.”



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shany on May 20
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need experience players like ali umar
humaidh waheed on May 20
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coach you did well to manage the team but the team had over confidence about the game when one player was sent off
truth on May 21
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using ashfaq as a center forward, keeping people like baka in bench, newbies in defensive line and playing long balls instead of a passing game while we got good dribblers who dose well when balls are played to there feet is called well managed? , is this a joke ? this kind of opportunity doesn't strike so often u need to use the best instead of testing new players!! u cant keep imran as a forward and expect a hat-trick from him huh? and blame him if he doesn't score ! after all he is a goalkeeper !! all this happen just because of poor managing
Ahmed Abdulla on May 20
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First of all coach must respect others, communizem based ruling will not work in the team as well as Maldives and also any other devoloping countries. Don't think we are stupid , we knw how you deal with our team members and players as well. We don't see any superior coaching strategy and professorship coaching quality. You always blam other and you never agreed yr mistakes. Cosch You must think twice why you are sacked each and every club .....?
Eleven on May 20
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Final Score, AFC CHALLENGE CUP 2014 FAM 2 MYANMAR 3 Dhivehi Football team vee molhu baliveee Fooball Association of Maldives
Imma on May 20
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Sifan just proved that he doesn't have what it takes at this level. He is slow and clumsy and didn't help the young Amdhan at all. In fact, most of the time it was Amdhan helping out his more experienced colleague. I hope to see Shafiu starting in the next two hames. Also, move Akram to the left. Hokey was beaten far too easily too often. Oh and Bakaa needs to start. Sadly we have no other defensive midfielder so fit not, we need him out on the field. Overall, this match was like a slap in the face for us. We were overconfident. We just looked at the FIFA rankings and simply assumed that Myanmar were weaker than us. We need to let go of this arrogance if we want to beat a team outside the SAFF region.
Drago on May 20
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Drago, go home . we will be better to select our first eleven
Twelve on May 20
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Cheap goals? On the contrary they were CREATED and finished with ease. Perhaps you should take a leaf from their attitude and mental strength. They played 90 minutes with a player less us and managed to score three, on home soil with not a single supporter of theirs. Even a man down they were composed, never kicked the ball out in desperation, showed superb ball control and the players played for each other creating space and passing with absolute accuracy. Hats off to them for the style of play and their deserved win.
antharees on May 20
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problems i noted 1. Shafiu one of the best defender not included in 1st eleven 2. Some players shouting to others which demotivates some junior players 3. Undisciplined supporters like who came after 2nd goal (ofside) 4. Too much praising for players and team in media which leads to over confidence. 5. Important players are participating in politics and signing politics which we cannot see from other countries
Habeeb on May 20
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I think no intelligent coach will ever do a BIP test less than 72hours of the game and we did when we had only 24Hrs prior to yesterdays match, which had badly affected the players as there is NOT enough time to fully recover.
footballmad on May 20
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Agree with the cheap goals and you cannot and shouldn't relax until you are winning by a 3 or 4 goal margin.
burma boy on May 20
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Myanmar is better than maldives in fifa our rank is lower bcoz of lack of playing friendly matches u stupid.
kareem on May 20
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coach is good government and everything around sport is bad there are no players to play no league, no desire only clever suzain, and mr. what is this, then cafu who is giving instruction to the referee how long the game should go and the saddest is the ef was helping maldives a lot but still could not win. next match we lose and then the tournament over.