1 - 1
Maldives (MDV)
Nepal (NEP)
SAFF Championship 2011
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
02 Dec 2011

Match ends...

90+ Another corner kick to Maldives, Nepal players cleared it. 

90' Corner kick to Maldives,  Keeper cleared the ball from the danger zone.

90' Additional time: 3 minutes 

88' Substitution for Maldives: Shifan comes in for Fazeel 

83' Corner kick to Nepal, Keeper Imran saves the corner kick. 

82' Substitution for Nepal: Jagjeeth comes in for Anil Gurung. Jagjeeth trained with Hamburg, Germany recently and he has been offered a one year contract from Bayern Munich to train with them. 

78' Corner kick to Nepal, Maldivian defenders cleared the ball.

76' Nepal playing very well in this half. They created so many open chances and Maldives is lucky for not conceding a goal. 

70' Bharat Kawas made another good shot on but this time too it goes over the bar. 

69' Jumanu Rai missed another good chance. His shot inside the box went wide. Goal kick to Maldives. 

68' Substitution for Maldives: Ismail Mohamed comes in for Thoriq

65' Ismail Mohamed is warming up... 

63' Ashfaq was injured and receiving treatment on the side lines 

53' Rabin Shrestha missed a good chance to take the lead. His shot hits the cross bar. 

51' GOAL! Sandip Rai leveled the game. Imran failed to save Sandip Rai's header from the corner kick. 

49' Bharat Khawas beat Akram and amakes a good shot but keeper Imran saves the ball. 

46' Substitution for Maldives: Hussain Niyaz comes in for Hassan Adham. 

Second half underway... 

First half ends... 

45' GOAL! Ashfaq's long range shot goes straight to the top corner of the goal. Superb finish from the skipper. 

45' Additional time: 1 minute

41' Missed chance from Maldives. Ashfaq gives a good ball to Adham and he makes a good shot from it but Rohit Chand cleared the ball. 

41' Free kick to Nepal for a foul committed by  Shmaveel. 

40' Rohit Chand makes another good shot just out side the box. Keeper Imran saves the ball. 

38' Another missed chance from Nepal. Anil Gurung makes a good shot but it went wide. 

37' Free kick to Maldives inside the attacking half. Nepal players cleared it.

34' Maldives created their first chance. Fazeel's long range shot went wide. Goal kick to Nepal.

30' Sandip Rai takes the free kick and it goes straight to the goal. Keeper Imran cleared it from the danger zone. 

29' Free kick to Nepal on the edge of penalty area. 

28' Anil Gurung foul on Umair, Free kick to Maldives in the defending half. 

27' Maldives just running after the ball. 

21' Rabin Shresta supplied a good ball to Anil Gurung but he was off side. Nepal dominating the game. 

21' Nepalese 2000 supporters are here to back their team. 

19' Bijay Gurug beat his marker and tried to make a good shot but Akram cleared it. 

15' Another good shot from Raju Tamang. This time too his shot went wide. Nepal is playing a good passing game. 

14' Raju Tamang makes a good long range shot on target but it gies wide. Goal kick to Maldives. Nepal playing very aggresive

9' Shamveel fouls on Nepal player, Free kick to Nepal. 

7' Nearly 60 Maldivian students are here in the stadium to support Maldives. 

6' Rabin Shrestha supplied a good ball into the box but Nepal player was off side.

3' Another free kick to Maldives for a foul on Ashfaq. Nepal players cleared the free kick from Umair.

2' Free kick to Maldives on the edge of penalty area, Ashfaq pass it to Fazeel but Ravindh stops Fazeel. 

KICK OFF, Maldives kick off the game.

Maldives wearing red while Nepal wearing Blue. Maldives will be wearing red in all three matches in group stage

Now the national anthem of both the teams... 

Both teams are on there way to the pitch...

Nepal's striker Jumanu Rai is on the bench. 

Delhi weather:
Temperature:     24 °C
Wind:                From West at 3 kmph
Humidity:          53%

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Both Maldives and Nepal are now warming...

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