China beats Maldives

Mar 25, 2016 - 08:28:52 | Shimaaz Ali
Ahmed Abdulla trying to clear the ball against China yesterday.

Wuhan, CHINA – Jinag Ning scored a hat-trick against the visitors, Maldives to beat them by 4-0 in their 2018 FIFA World Cup/2019 AFC Asian Cup joint qualifying match at the Wuhan Sports Center yesterday.

China took control of the game and opened the scoring as early as the third minute from a good header from the striker.

The home side doubled the lead in the 12th minute from another descent header from Yang Xu.

China increased the margin in the second half from superb volley in the 84th minute.

The 29 year old striker, Jiang Ning scored his hat trick from the edge of the box flashed past the defence on the stoke of full time.

The group winners and four best runners-up (total 12 teams) will advance to the 2019 AFC Asian Cup finals and the final round of qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The next best 24 teams from the preliminary stage of the joint qualifiers will compete in a separate competition for the remaining slots (12 slots or 11 slots 1 slot for the host) in the 24-team 2019 Asian Cup.

China moved to the second position of group C standing after the win with 14 points from seven games. Group leaders Qatar got 18 points from seven games. Third placed Hong Kong got 14 points from eight games.



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Ahumaal on Mar 25
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Mr ricki hebart this is your time to leave this country , we don't need you here , go to newzealand make your country men disappoint , it's enough for us you make us disappoint in 3 tournament and humiliating us in international Football too, , our team got experience enough no need it any more, my regards to your fellow mate, thank you
Imma on Mar 25
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I watched the goals. The first two were scored using their height advantage. The last two could have been easily prevented if our players fit enough to stay on their feet for 90 minutes. We are basically through to the play-offs for the Asian Cup 3rd round qualifiers. I hope to see Ashfaq back for the match against Bhutan, because he enjoys scoring against them and a big win could boost the morale of the whole squad ahead of the 2-legged tie. What disappoints me most is that, we are almost at the end of March and our league is still yet to begin. I would've liked to see a match-fit group of players take on China and Bhutan, as it would give a better assessment of the overall quality of the squad. At the moment, FAM treats international matches like the sort of football I play with my friends; wait for a good time for everyone to get together and meetup, before going to play.
footballmad on Mar 27
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Yes, also couldn't help noticing how easily the scorer was let go by the defender in the attacking move. He was walking about when the attacker made his first dash. In the second and third goals, two defenders went for the same assisting attacker to allow the scorer the space. So, there's a lack of cohesion/co-ordination amongst the defensive players.
Nolej on Mar 26
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Maldives had great chances too..could not finish..nearly all goals fromchina was frm aerial attacks..china was always the better side..
kareem on Mar 26
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good result i thought it would be 10-0
Boyko on Mar 26
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Not even Jose Morinho can make Maldives region beaters by appointing him at such short notice when the tournament is round the corner. This is a gimmick played by FAM on the gullible fans to make it appear as if it is all coach’s fault. They have been playing this trick on fans since long time and every time they get away just like that! When you bring a coach with less than three weeks to a tournament what do you expect? Silverwares and instant immortality? Doesn't he need time to learn the players and take measures to improve physical fitness, playing strategy and tactics! You cannot build a team overnight. It is not to say Riki has been without his shortcomings but you cannot squarely lay the blame at the door of the coach. The real culprits are hiding behind a facade of mismanagement elsewhere and laughing at our stupidity.
FAM on Mar 27
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Very Well Said Boyko