Maldives to play friendly against Bangladesh

Aug 10, 2016 - 11:32:34 | Shimaaz Ali
Ashfaq scoring against Bangladesh in this year's SAFF Suzuki Cup.

Male’, MALDIVES – Maldives set to play a friendly game against Bangladesh ahead of AFC Asian Cup playoff match against Laos.

Football Association of Maldives announced that the national team will play a friendly match against Bangladesh on 1st September at the National Football Stadium.

This would be the first major test for the newly appointed national team coach, Darren Stewart. But before that he will lead the National team against the 2008 SAFF Championship winning team in an exhibition match on 29th of this month.

Maldives will play against Laos on 1st September in the first leg and the second leg is on 11th October.

Maldives won the match against Bangladesh in this year’s SAFF Suzuki Cup by 3-1.



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Imma on Aug 11
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At last, a good friendly. I think we can expect a full stadium for this one as well.
Boyko on Aug 11
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I hope Maldives players will not be drained by the time they play all important match against Laos on 5th September few days after playing two matches 48 hours apart. Our players are not known for good fitness level and in tournament where they play matches every other day they fall apart.
Reality on Aug 12
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This will be a big test for the new coach. He is taking up the stint a delicate time when our football is at a critical crossroad. Though his predecessors had mixed results, they cannot be squarely blamed for poor results. Many of them did not get adequate time in the first place, some were parachuted on the day of the tournament. Bizarre though this may sound, one lost his job because he was too closely associated with players and his banters not within the etiquette a professional coach in their Viber group; another paid with his job for the supposed rift he created with the coaching staff. Drago Mamic, though was fairly successful and took Maldives to third place in AFC challenge cup, left mysteriously, may be the normalization committee that came soon after had wanted to start with a clean slate. All one see in this chaos is that, this job, as Maldives coach, is like revolving door. You will never stay more than a year. For some reason or other you’ll be pushed to the edge if not sacked. New FAM president being a former player at the highest level and fully aware of what ails our football we hope things will pan out better. At least in the treatment of coach!
Rex on Aug 12
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Darren Stewart's comments on ESPN don't really fill me with a lot of confidence. He says he accepted the Maldives job to "recharge his batteries". I hope he's not thinking about lounging about in a resort, drinking champagne on a beach. Let's be honest, one needs fully charged batteries for this job, because it's going to completely drain you out!
Sharin saadid on Aug 12
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My prediction is that Maldives could win 3-1 or 2-0 we need improvement so good luck team ! go MALDIVES