New Radiant and Maziya to kick of ODPL

Mar 20, 2016 - 03:05:53 | Shimaaz Ali
New Radiant won the ooredoo Dhivehi Premier League last year.

Male’, MALDIVES – Defending champions New Radiant will play against Maziya Sports and Recreation Club in the opening match of this year’s ooredoo Dhivehi Premier League on 19th April.

According to Football Association of Maldives New Radiant will play against Maziya in the Charity Shield, the curtain raiser of the Maldives football season on 6th of April.

Maziya was on the fourth position of the table last year but they won the Presidents Cup for the first time in their history.

New Radiant and Maziya were the two teams played in the Charity Shield in the last three years and Maziya won the lest edition after beating the arch rivals, New Radiant by 2-0. However New Radiant won the Charity Shield by 3-1 in 2013 and 2014.



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Boyko on Mar 20
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One of the problems of dhivehi league is there is no fixed date for the new season, it depends on the whims of office bearers at the time. Even for those avid fans it is not an easy task to follow them when it is so haphazard. Season 2014 got so delayed till June, all in the name of a repair which dragged on like for ages. Last season was sent into disarray because of a damaged turf, a break for independence day took a turn for worse because some mighty intelligent men unwittingly or wittingly made a wrong prediction on resilience of turf. A fixed date can make it a lot easier for disenchanted fans to requite with football again. Football cannot be revived on its own volition, measures though on outside look minor need to be taken to affect the change.
footballmad on Mar 21
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One thing regarding reigniting the fan base of Dhivehi football, I don't particularly agree that leagues matches should be broadcast live in Male' because such coverage would actually discourage from fans going to the matches. Highlights should be on TV after the macthes. However, it'd be a good idea for the Male'-based matches to be broacast live to the atolls. The idea is to live cast a given match to all islands apart within the island where it is played. This was you'd have a nationwhide interest and teh focus will rreturn to the stadiusm from TV.