Haveeru announces top five

Feb 19, 2016 - 02:26:48 |
Top five players who are competing for Haveeru's best player award. (Photo: Haveeru)

Male’, MALDIVES – Haveeru Daily has announced the top five players who are competing for the Maldives most prestigious sports awards, Haveeru Sports Awards best footballer of the year 2015.

The players who are nominated for the best player award are Maziya and Sports and Recreation Clubs Asadhulla Abdulla, Ahmed Nashid, New Radiants Shafiu Ahmed, Ashad Ali and Malaysian super league outfit, PDRM FA’s Ali Ashfaq.

Asadhulla Abdulla, who is nominated for the best player award is guaranteed to win the Golden Boot after scoring 15 goals during last season for the club and national team.

Meanwhile, the players who are competing for the most promising footballer of the year 2015 includes, TC Sports Clubs Naiz Hassan, New Radiant’s Hamza Mohamed and Ibrahim Mubeen from Club Eagles.

The shortlisted candidates for the best coach award are Ali Suzain from Maziya Sports and Recreation Club, Mohamed Nizam from TC Sports Club and Ihusan Abdul Ghani from Club Eagles. Ali Suzain won the presidents Cup for Maziya and won the second position of Peoples Cup with Maziya. Mohamed Nizam won the second place in Ooredoo Dhivehi Premier League in their debut season the top flight.

Ahmed Ameez, Ahmed Shifan Abdul Raheem and Adam Fazeel are the three referees competing for the best referee award.



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Boyko on Feb 19
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A big thanks to Haveeru for doing such a wonderful job, recognising and appreciating the different discipline of sports, undertaking the mammoth task of awarding the winners in a prestigious event. Juxtapose that against the dithering FAM, the governing body of football tasked with the running of development of football. Not only they cant run for two consecutive seasons their award ceremony now they even don’t talk about it. A delayed election seems to be consuming every moment of their waking hours.
footballmad on Feb 20
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A well-made point! Haveeru deserves an award themselves. FAM needs to be reminded all the time of their duties and responsibilities. My choice of awards positions.: 1. Naashid, 2. Ashfaq 3. Adey.
footballmad on Feb 20
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Forgot to add an important point. I feel Nizambe deserves the best coach position this year. What he has achieved with his team tops all of the others by a big margin.
Player on Feb 20
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I concur.He has taken a newly-promoted side all the way to second place in the league. A group of players who are so new to the pressure being in the top division and competing against the like of Maziya and New Radiant. Certainly a coach of tremendous tactical acumen and strategy who knows how to get the best of his available players can do such wonders. He deserves it hands down.