MP Shiyam elects as Eagles chairman

Feb 19, 2016 - 01:55:20 |
MP Ahmed Shiyam

Male’, MALDIVES – Club Eagles has appointed MP Ahmed Shiyam as their new chairman in their congress held at Raanbaa Restaurant last night.

Club Eagles sacked their former chairman Mohamed Rasheed (Hiyalee) on December 14, 2014 saying that they don’t want to give any chance for FIFA to suspend Maldives during the letters that they sent to FIFA under his leadership.

Club Eagles appointed Hiyalee as the club’s chairman mid this year and played a vital role against the no confidence motion against former FAM president Ilham’s administration. Eagles submitted the no confidence motion under Hiyalee’s leadership and sent various letters to FIFA and AFC regarding the matter.



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Boyko on Feb 19
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A politician as the figurehead of a club? Is that a good idea? The last somebody of such ilk, a person by the name Jabir was at Valencia, he left the club midway through the season. Since then that club is yet to make meaningful headway from the rut they are in. They milk the publicity the platform offer only for their narcissistic needs, for their campaign trail, nothing much in terms of raising the profile and funds for the club.