Valencia stops Maziya

Aug 13, 2016 - 11:01:21 | Shimaaz Ali
Angel scored a goal against Maziya tonight.

Male’, MALDIVES – Maziya Sports and Recreation Club failed to regain the top of the table after a 2-2 draw against Club Valencia tonight in the ongoing Ooredoo Dhivehi Premier League.

Valencia started the match very well and created good chances to score and the first attempt came in the 14th minute from Angel. Keeper Imran punched away the shot from Angel inside the box.

A minute later Mohamed Umair headed the ball into the net from a descent cross from Ashfaq but it was ruled off side.

Ali Ashfaq broke the deadlock in the 34th minute from a decent shot inside the box after receiving a good pass from Umair.

Ali Ashfaq’s attempt in the 57th minute went over the bar and two minutes later he hits the woodwork.

Angel Munoz leveled the game for Valencia in the 65th minute after receiving a good cross from Akram and slotted the ball into the net who was open in the box.

Keeper Imran was forced to stop another descent shot from Awilo in the 75th minute.

Awilo took the lead for Valencia for the first time in the 77th minute. Keeper Imran came out to clear a ball from the edge of the box but he collides with Zhivko, the ball was open for Awilo who won it from Amdhan and slotted the ball in to an empty net.

Four minutes before the normal time Ali Amdhan leveled the game for Maziya. Keeper Faisal punched away the cross from and Amdhan scores from the rebounded ball.

With this result Maziya got 25 points from 12 games while Eagles got 26 points from 12 games and are on top of the table.



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Reality on Aug 14
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What an eyesore there at one corner of the stadium! Is this how a new era under Tom symbolizes the national stadium? Some of paraphernalia and items used during the celebration still tucked at one the one corner of one of the stands long after Independence Day celebration. Or is this the new height of laziness and a devil-may-care-attitude resurfacing to the fore? Since when has the stadium been authorized to be used as storage facility? Tom, are you seeing this?
it on Aug 14
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Has Suzain upset the balance and formation of the team by trying to accommodate dhagandey into the team? Why is Asadulla playing as an attacking midfielder when he is an out and out centre-forward? Messi keeps slowing down the pace of the game with his mandatory 360-degree turn when quicker movement of the ball can help break the opposition. He is wasting the precious seconds when other team’s defense is on the back-foot and scrambling to regroup. Has Adey been just released from a jail, he appear to be on mission to wreak havoc on opposition players, no interest to play the ball. Big howler by Imran to come off goal for Valencia’s second goal; may be uncertainty is creeping up on an aging body. All in all, Valencia looked much more threatening side and had an excellent game, while Maziya is regressing week by week. Addition of dhagey seem to have cropped up more problems for Suzain to solve.
Imma on Aug 15
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I guess this is why the few people who follow Maldivian football are suddenly taking interest in Eagles. Remember that Maziya team in 2013 under Ismail Mahefooz, during their debut AFC Cup campaign when they were filled with young, exciting players? It is Eagles who are doing the same thing now and I think people appreciate the way they have quietly gone about with their business. They have stuck to their principles of giving young players time to gel by playing them together for a few years and have also added some proven foreign talent to their ranks. Maziya, on the other hand, abandoned their principles and took the route of splashing their newfound cash on household names, with little regard to how this would impact their gameplan. I actually don't think Suzain knows what his preferred gameplan is. He's doing the same thing VB and New Radiant did in recent times; sign as many national team players as possible and hope for the best.
Kabeed on Aug 15
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It feels de javu again for maziya supporters. On the conrary though, valencia seems to have left behind their misrable years behind. That dhonmeeha was immense, the best player by country miles!
Eleven on Aug 15
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Great result for Valencia, hope that this draw against Maziya kickstarts Valencia's season which has been stop n start one so far.
Airkick on Aug 15
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Heard suzain say ashfaq was signed for a record fee ( though refused to divulge the amount, as is customary with any maldivian signing perhaps for fear of hurting the sentiments of common man), but he played like man on STO rate budget.