Stewart finalizes squad without Baka and Nashid

Aug 27, 2016 - 09:07:05 | Shimaaz Ali
Experienced midfielder Mohamed Arif.

Male’, MALDIVES – Newly appointed national team coach Darren Stewart has finalized his squad for the upcoming three games without experienced midfielder Mohamed Arif and Ahmed Nashid.

According to Football Association of Maldives the 25 players squad is for the exhibition match against 2008 SAFF Champions, friendly game against Bangladesh and AFC Asian Cup Qualifier against Laos.

Previous coach Ricki Herbert dropped Baka due to his criticism towards him after the SAFF Suzuki Cup. Darren Stewart also omitted young defender Samooh Ali, who played against Qatar in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Hamdhaan Ibrahim, Hussain Sifaau Yoosuf from Eagles were the two players who were included in the national squad for the first time.

The following are the 25 players selected for the three matches.

Imran Mohamed

Amdhan Ali

Ahmed Imaz

Asadhulla Abdulla

Ali Ashfaq

Asad Ali

Mohamed Umair

Yasfaadh Habeeb

Qasim Samaam

Ismail Easa

Hussain Niyaz

Hussain Sifaau Yoosuf

Imran Nasheed

Ahmed Rizuwan

Hamdhaan Ibrahim

Ahmed Zaadh

Ahmed Abdulla

Ali Fasir

Naiz Hassan

Mohamed Imran

Shafiu Ahmed

Mohamed Faisal

Hisam Saleem

Hamza Mohamed

Mohamed Rasheed



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DhiFootball on Aug 27
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Was happy to see some of the names and I was unfortunate to have only watched relatively few season games but I must commend couple of players who have been working very hard this season. Umair , Rizuwan and zaadh has played very good football in the games I have seen. How ever, I feel that Akram A Ghani deserves to be called back to the team as he has improved a lot this season and has been working very hard. Any ways let's hope the team gels up properly by the game against Laos. Speed and physicality has slightly improved in the dhivehi league this year and I feel our national team will show it on the pitch. Wishing all the best for the upcoming games and maldivian football.
Mohamed sharin on Aug 28
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Maldives results are going to be Maldives 4-2 champions 2008 team Maldives 4-1 Bangladash Maldives 7-0 Laos Laos 1-3 Maldives Maldives ranking 2016 May 174 Maldives new ranking could be 156
agon on Aug 29
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I disagree with you. Bangladesh team is stronger than the maldivian team. Laos and Maldives are basically the same. It will be down to luck.
sadah on Sep 01
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stop picing benchwarmers of first division teams. its not nescessary to pick old squads players if they are not getting enough playing time. the problem in maldies is that players are getting picked for national team whether they perform or not and hence they take it for graned. which leads to upcoming talents to be demotivated.this willl lead players to evenly distributed in teams and hence have a better league. as of now our league is boring af as mazia has half of the national team players.